ISORT - intelligent structured online reporting tool

A methodology that helps creating flawless and professional reports while building a medical registry that can be used for research

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Flawless reporting in less time
Flawless reporting in less time
Satisfied patients and professional data management
Satisfied patients and professional data management
Research processes made easier
Research processes made easier


We developed ISORT to help medical professionals and researchers not just in their daily reporting process but also in managing data, creating statistics and performing research.

Quality assurance

  • provides structured, professional and standardized reports
  • monitors and evaluates all examinations based on current guidelines
  • facilitates best practice implementation, eliminates data entry errors

Modular and customizable

  • reporting modules that can be customized according to specific needs
  • supports multilingual reporting

Reduced reporting time

  • user-friendly interface and intelligent workflow that optimize reporting process
  • integrated drug and ICD database for easier data collection

Meets current technological requirements

  • OS independent, runs on every device (desktop, mobile and tablet) and can easily be integrated to existing healthcare IT infrastructure
  • clean design for user-friendly interface


ISORT is not just a software. It is an advanced methodology of reporting that’s beneficial for all kinds of user groups, such as radiologists, hospital management and clinical researchers.

  • Clinicians
  • Hospitals
  • Researchers

Redefying clinical reporting. ISORT guides clinicians through the reporting process to deliver high quality, professional reports in less time

  • Automated data import and score calculation to reduce reporting time
  • Constantly updated according to the latest guidelines
  • Intelligent interface eliminates data entry errors
  • Standardized reports make the communication more effective between clinicians
  • Modular interface that can be customized to fit various radiology and surgery examinations
  • Effective best practice implementation

Spending less time with clinical reporting to improve workflow and increase productivity.

ISORT helps hospitals to improve services and efficiency by creating standardized reports and clinical database with single data entry.

  • Can be integrated seamlessly to the existing healthcare IT infrastructure
  • Reduced administration burden and real time management reports
  • Automatic reports and statistics for management purposes
  • Real time quality assurance monitoring/li>
  • Patients and referring physicians receive easily comprehensible standardized reports
  • Modules can be customized according to specific needs
  • Allows developing new modules
  • All information entered during reporting is simultaneously saved into a clinical registry
  • Supports multilingual reporting to improve services for foreign patients

ISORT gives research groups a robust “statistics ready” database and lets them focus on what matters most: achieving results.

  • Professional guidance assures flawless reporting and guarantees complete database
  • All information entered is simultaneously saved into the clinical registry
  • Creates a detailed searchable database, opposed to free text reporting software
  • Multilingual, modular web-based software facilitates collaboration between research groups regardless of location
  • Database can be exported into various statistical software and file formats (xls, csv, tsv, sav, etc.)
  • Painlessly import existing research databases - (Excel, SPSS, Google Docs, Access, etc.)
  • Automated data import and score calculation significantly reduces reporting time
  • Can be integrated seamlessly to the existing healthcare IT infrastructure


Currently we offer the following clinical reporting solutions, but our modular framework gives us the opportunity to customize any of them to fit your needs.

Cardiac CTA reporting

Our Coronary CTA and Ca-score reporting module is based on the latest guidelines of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT). ISORT provides a coronary segment based reporting form, which automatically calculates risk scores (SSS, SIS, Leaman), imports dose info from the CT scanner, evaluates the appropriateness of the examination based on the guidelines of the American Heart Association (AHA) and provides CAD-RADS score and recommendations based on the SCCT practice guidelines.

Our system is tested on more the 10 thousand examinations.

Decision support CAD-RADS - Coronary Artery Disease Reporting and Data System is to create a standardized method to communicate findings of coronary CT angiography (coronary CTA) in order to facilitate decision- making regarding further patient management.
Patient based scores
  • Segment Stenosis Score and Index
  • Segment Involvement Score and Index
  • Leaman score
  • Modified Duke score
Quality assurance - Automatic assessment of radiology exam appropriateness based on latest guidelines
  • Appropriate use criteria
  • Diamond and Forrester pre-test probability
Plaque-based scores
  • No. of calcified, non-calcified, mixed
  • No. given plaque attenuation patterns (e.g. Napkin ring sign)
  • No. given plaque features
Vessel based scores
  • 3 vessel score
  • Left main involvement
  • Agatston score
  • Percentile values
Segment based scores
  • No. different stenosis categories
  • No. bridges and stents
Peripheral vascular intervention reporting module

Peripheral vascular intervention reporting

Diagnostic and interventional radiography of lower extremity, mesenterial, renal, supraaortic and upper extremities arteries, vena cava inferior and veins of the lower extremities, phlebography, vena cava superior and central vein, vena cava filter, dialysis fistula, stentgraft, thrombolysis, mechanical thrombectomy and sclerotisation. Automatic dose information collection and score calculation based on the TASC II classification.

Peripheral vascular intervention reporting module

Brain MRI reporting

Brain MRI reporting module created on the basis of the key findings seen on T1-, T2-, T2*-, diffusion weighted MR images and single voxel MR-spectroscopy. All findings are reported based on the same anatomical classification giving a standard reporting system for the clinicians.

Peripheral vascular intervention reporting module

Heart surgery reporting

Complete heart surgery reporting module for coronary artery bypass graft operation, aortic, mitral, tricuspid and pulmonary valve operation and artificial valve implantation, aortic graft implantation and pacemaker/ICD implantation.

About Bioscreen

ISORT was created by a team of medical entrepreneurs called Bioscreen. During a research project, they couldn’t find a robust solution for reporting and collecting data simultaneously, so they started to develop one that fits their needs. This is how the concept of ISORT was born: a modular, data focused and user-friendly data collecting and research tool. The original idea started out from research, therefore it was critical requirement to develop a flexible and customizable tool, which does not interfere with daily clinical practice.

ISORT can support various scientific projects and can be used for clinical reporting by different specialities.
Besides the development of ISORT modules, the team behind Bioscreen performs cutting edge research and have presented their results at several international medical conferences.

Our Team

Gergely Dietz MD
Gergely Dietz MD CEO
Márton Kolossváry MD
Márton Kolossváry MD CRO
Pál Maurovich-Horvat MD, PhD, MPH
Pál Maurovich-Horvat MD, PhD, MPH CSO
Zoltán Uzonyi MD, MA
Zoltán Uzonyi MD, MA Financial investor

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